At Columbia Cremation Care Center a licensed funeral director will provide you and your loved one the dignified care you need at a difficult time. All professional services take place on site so that you can be assured that the process is completed in a dignified manner. Integrity in carrying out your wishes is our guiding principle. Your loved one is only cared for by us in our state of the art facility.


You are always welcome to stop in and take a tour of our facility. For your peace of mind you should see the facility that is caring for your loved one.



Contrary to what many people believe, cremation does not limit one’s choices.
We can customize services to fit your needs. Don’t hesitate to tell us what will best fit the needs of your family and friends. We are here to serve you.


Services may be:

  • Simple or elaborate
  • Immediate or delayed for weeks or months
  • Traditional or uniquely personal
  • Held in a church, park or a favorite location


Remains may be:

  • Scattered at a favorite place such as a lake or park
  • Buried at a cemetery
  • Placed in a columbarium at a cemetery
  • Divided among family members
  • Placed in a beautiful urn

It’s a personal choice. There is no right way. We will do what is right for you.




  • Transfer of your loved one to our facility*
  • Care of your loved one
  • Arrangement conference with the family
  • Completion of all necessary paperwork
  • Assistance with obituary
  • Cremation process
  • Return of remains in a temporary urn or an urn purchased from our stock


Necessary information when arranging for a cremation service:

  • Full legal name
  • Legal address
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Social Security Number
  • Military Service information
  • Father’s legal name
  • Mother’s legal name including her maiden name
  • Years of education received


Certified copies of the death certificate

You will likely need certified copies for life insurance claims, banks, investments, real estate and personal property transfers, and other legal matters. We will obtain these copies for you from the County Health Department. The state fee for these copies is $13 for the first copy and $10 for each additional copy requested at the same time. If more copies are needed later, they can be obtained from any county health department in the state.


Mandatory paperwork

In Missouri there are two documents required prior to cremation taking place. Columbia Cremation Care completes the death certificate and gets the necessary signatures.

First a cremation authorization must be signed by ONE of the following in this order:

  • Spouse
  • A majority of the children (if there is no spouse)
  • Parent
  • Legal guardian (if there is no spouse and no children)

Secondly either a death certificate signed by the doctor must be filed with the County Health Department OR an authorization signed by the medical examiner or coroner releasing the person for cremation.


Veterans Assistance

For those persons that served in the military there is assistance from Missouri Veterans Commission. By contacting them a family can determine what benefits may be available at the time of death. They have offices all over Missouri.
The local Columbia office can be contacted at:
Missouri Veterans Commission
(573) 882-5135


*We serve all of Missouri, however additional charges may apply if transfer of loved one exceeds 25 miles from Columbia MO.